Why Oriori Ball will be the niche hand grip exercises products?

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Why Oriori Ball will be the niche hand grip exercises products?

For many sports, hand grip exercises is very important. The strong and powerful forearm muscles not only contribute to the perfection of bodybuilding, but also contribute to the improvement of grip strength, support and ability to complete various training movements, and greatly contribute to the growth of muscle strength in various parts of the body.

However, in training, hands grip training is often overlooked. so we can see many cases like:When the dumbbell is pushed, the hand can’t hold it, and the dumbbell is shaking.So why not foucs on the hands grip exercise and find a good hand grip strength?Oriunion has made a report about the grip execise market and research.

Fashion hand grip exercises balls

Before pick niche products,here recommend you a new trending products first. The Oriori Ball 2-Intelligent Motion Sensing Squeeze Ball,it works with visualization APP and multi online games,so you won’t feel boring while doing hands exercise

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Here is the main features:

  • Can be Grip & Muscle strengthener Trainer – Connect to your mobile device for daily hand exercises
  • Can be Grip Tester – Test Grip strength and Explosive power
  • Can be Gamepad- Play numerous games using Oriori Ball as the Game controller by squeezing and waving Oriori Ball
  • Oriori Ball, 1 ball with more than 3 functions. Getting a Oriori Ball means you get the Grip trainer, grip tester, and gamepad.
  • Check here you will find how smarter the Oriori Ball is than other relative products

oriori ball vs other hands grip exercise products

Hand grip exercises market

Let’s take a look at what the trends of The Grip strength trainer, grip tester, and gamepad are in the market.

grip strength trainer google trends data
grip strength trainer google trends data

About the grip tester. It is a daily products to test your power. As we all know the grip power is relative with health. A recent study published in the medical journal 《The Lancet》shows that for every 5 kg of grip reduces, the risk of death increases by 16%, and the risk of heart disease and stroke increases by 7% and 9% respectively.

Here is the trend for the grip tester.grip tester google trends data

About the Gamepad. the games have become the part of our life, so a nice gamepad is how important for all of us. Check here you will find, the gamepad is needed all the time.

Above all you will find to get a Multifunction Oriori Ball can give you more and the price is Preferential to get each of the grip tester, power trainer and gamepad.

The Average price show in amazon for them is in US$17.36 for a grip tester, US$41.97 for a power trainer and US$34.41 for the gamepad. but for the Oriori Ball 2, you just need US$59.98 to your door.

gamepad google trends data
gamepad google trends data

The Oriori Ball is smarter hand grip exercises ball, it is combined with APP. You can see the digital data from the APP and do the grip trainer in reasonable.

The games in Oriori Ball 2 not just a traditional one, it is in motion sensing. When you wave the ball can play the games, it can exercise your arm at the same time.

So you will see how amazing the Oriori Ball is, a nice products will be a nice choice to expand the market.

In a word, if you would like to pick attractive products to expand the market, it must be in Rising demand and versatility.

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