Kids 4D augmented reality educational world geography globe


Kids 4D augmented reality educational world geography globe

4D AR globe

Kids 4D augmented reality educational world geography globe

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AR globe description

ORIORI Augmented Reality interactive globe is a powerful education globe for kids. AR interactive globe contains National Encyclopedia、Physical geography、Human civilization、Mysterious universe、Ancient earth and Interesting Earth Six major knowledge modules, One AR globe knows all astronomical geography.

Product Function:

1.AR interactive globe has Six major knowledge modules:

National Encyclopedia mode include National Knowledge/Famous Tourist Sites/Ethnic Clothing/International Cuisine  knowledge  introduction. Help children  to understand the customs and scenic spots of more than 170 countries.

Physical geography mode include Natural phenomenon/Topographic wonders/Animal World/Climate current/Continent distribution knowledge  introduction. Help kids to See the natural phenomena and climate, Explore the secrets of the globe.

Human civilization mode include Aerospace information/Places of Historic(or Scenic spots)/Scholars of the past / Echnological invention knowledge  introduction. Help children to Know the famous world architecture and people.

Mysterious universe mode include Earth Moon system/ Eight planets/ Geocentric exploration/ Beautiful star knowledge  introduction. Help kids to Explore the vast Earth, Uncover the mystery of the universe.

Ancient earth mode include Dinosaur Empire/Plate movement/Human origin/ Earth birth knowledge  introduction. Help children to pass through one hundred million and six thousand years, Exploring the prehistoric civilization of the dinosaur era.

Interesting Earth mode include Defend the earth and Gorgeous earth  theam. Let kids like and love the earth.

2. Three type AR interactive globe to meet the needs of different children.

Ordinary Edition AR interactive globe
LED night light ordinary edition is full of fun.
The plastic base is light and portable.
Three dimensional interactive learning, free from
rote learning.
AR technology foster three-dimensional cognition.

Upgraded version AR interactive globe
LED night light upgraded version material safety.
Metal pedestal scratch resistant and anti falling
3D animated real pronunciation, deepening
cognitive memory
Leading children to explore knowledge of Geography

Constellation AR interactive globe
LED night light high-end constellation
edition travels around the world
Constellation earth sound map
Knowledge system is intuitive and easy to understand
and vividly demonstrates geographical difficulties.
Let children become small Geographers

notes:The functions of the globe are the same.

3. AR interactive globe has many advantages:

AR Technology
3D Interaction
Human pronunciation
Spherical recognition
Teaching through entertaining
Intelligence cultivation
13 languages
Safety and practical

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